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Is there anything more interesting than your health?

The desire of staying healthy appears to be as old as mankind. Yet, we usually take action to improve health only when suffering from illness. Nowadays it should be easy to gaze into the mirror and to find the best suitable way for prevention.

“Know yourself!”, this maxim stems from the ancient Greek oracle and this incitement to perform introspection still applies today. Indeed, thanks to modern methods of precision medicine we can completely adopt this adage. Science and medicine can make precise and highly personalized statements based on molecular-genetic analysis for each person. The individual genetic profile lays down the basis for prevention efficient counselling and personal strategy.

Even if we inherited genes from father and mother it lies still in our own hands to influence the activity of some of these genes. The constant advancement of knowledge in this field enables us to make clear assessments achieving an unprecedented high degree of personalization. 
With “personalization” we mean addressing health care and well-being based on an individual approach. In this way, we can better provide answers and advice on lifestyle, nutrition, drug compatibility and also illness risks.